Alith Berndarn

Electronic Music Producer, based in Hamburg (GER)

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Born inside a multi-cultural environment, Alith came in touch with the realm of electronic music & its endless possibilities of stimulating emotions. The artist tends to experiment in the spheres of Electronica & Electro Pop. Next to this, Alith is also a visual artist, focusing on 3D renderings and visuals, which he combines with his music.

Born in Vienna, now living in Hamburg, the artist is currently working on several projects, especially on his long-anticipated collaboration EP-project, called »Patterns«.

His music gained airplay by the likes of Byte FM (Hamburg, Germany), Radio FM4 (Vienna, AT) & Radio3S - SolarSoundSystem (CH), got support by the likes of Joe Hertz, Rome in Silver, MOTSA & BAYNK.
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