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Alith Berndarn

What defines me

To get in touch with the realm of electronic music & its' endless possibilities of stimulating emotions. These rhythmic tonations are fused with 3D-rendered visuals, in order to showcase the created world by me fully … As Alith, every performance is a gateway into a world crafted by the convergence of eclectic beats and mesmerizing visuals—a world where every chord is a stroke of paint on a canvas that depicts my journey, my evolution. Each 3D-rendered visual isn’t just an accompaniment; it’s a glimpse into the cosmos of emotions residing within me.

My background?

Every beat, every note, and every visual I create is influenced by the rich tapestry of cultures I was born into. A multi-cultural environment that doesn’t just exist around me, but lives within me, shaping my music, my visuals, and my identity.

My first EP: »Mercurial Influx«

"Mercurial Influx", my debut EP, was more than a collection of tracks. It was an initiation, an exploration, and a revelation of the musical journey I embarked upon. Each melody and chord, an echo of influences from the evocative artistry of James Blake to the rhythmic genius of Tourist. A journey where Electronica and Alt. Pop dance with Ambient and UK Bass in a mesmerizing ballet of sounds.

The journey goes on: My second EP »Lucid Scent«

With "Lucid Scent", I venture deeper, polishing the raw emotions and sounds into a mirror that reflects not just my growth as an artist but the metamorphosis of my soul. From Vienna to the vibrant, pulsating energy of Hamburg - every change, every move has been a note in my symphony.

What now? »Patterns« EP, Singles, Collabs, DJ Sets

As 2023 unfolds, I'm buzzing with anticipation. "Mercurial Influx" and "Lucid Scent" still hum in the background, but there’s a new, untapped melody itching to break free. Collaborations are on the horizon; I'm all fired up to meld minds and talents with other artists, creating something epic. Live shows are the playground where my music comes to life, where every beat and visual connects, creating an electrifying narrative. It's a continuation of my journey from that kid in Vienna to Alith Berndarn, lost and found in the infinite world of electronic music and visual art. This year is about evolution and discovery, and I'm inviting you to jump aboard this journey. Every note, every visual is a piece of the story unfolding. The best part? We’re writing it together. Let’s see where this ride takes us.

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