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Alith Berndarn

Born inside a multi-cultural environment, Sherwin (known under his moniker »Alith Berndarn«) came in touch with the realm of electronic music & its endless possibilities of stimulating emotions. The artist tends to experiment in the spheres of Electronica & Alt. Pop. He, then, merges the amalgamation with elements of Ambient and UK Bass to craft a sound that portrays his interpretation of nowadays’ music.

With the release of his first EP »Mercurial Influx«, the artist wanted to start his aural itinerary and make his first steps into the world of music. The album is a record, which merges Electronic spheres with Pop-esque sounds.


»Mercurial Influx« symbolises the union of his musical influences: From the mesmerizing chord progressions of Dusk which are influenced by the aural output of London native James Blake to the engulfing and rhythmic percussions from Separate Ways which is an ode to the cynosures crafted by Cornwall-native Tourist. Consisting of a total of 6 tracks, the perpetual and electric harmonies that have been implemented in each of the tracks, do amend the dynamics from second to second.

After his debut EP, the artist wanted to go a step further. His anticipated second EP »Lucid Scent« was announced.

»Lucid Scent« is the second extended play, and starts with the first release »Right For You«, and ends with final piece called »Lucid Scent«. Around 6 months, the artist wants you to accompany him on this aural journey, filled with solipsistic chords and eery-yet-intimate vocal fx.

The record is the next step to the artist’s vision: Polishing his raw knowledge on sound design into something that is unique and solipsistic, and thus stays in the mind of the audience. Whether if it is about the mellow and deep basslines of »Right For You«, the summer vibes created through »Signs«, the melodic electro-pop creations »Never« and »Aftermath« or the raunchy and percussive piece »Lucid Scent«, the artist wanted to showcase how far his sound has changed in year 2. Furthermore, the »Lucid Scent EP« is musically portraying the change of mindset the artist experienced during his departure from his home country Austria.


For the future in 2022, the artist wants to continue his exploration of sounds and start to collab with gifted musicians and artists throughout the world. Next to that, Alith wants to raise the awareness around his craft through more radio airplay and live performances.

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